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Bordello is a musical composed by Emiliano Messiez with lyrics by Barbara Bellman.

Bordello es un musical basado en una historia real de la década de 1920 en Buenos Aires, Argentina. El libro y la letra están escritos por Barbara Bellman. La música está compuesta por Emiliano Messiez.

The culture undulates with Spanish, Italian, French and Yiddish, as Tango and Klezmer permeate the Argentine community. New ghettos house the dreamers and the schemers, and when they can’t find work in the factories, the more industrious make factories out of the women.

Thousands of Bordellos make an obscene amount of money for the traffickers and the establishment that turns a blind eye until a young poet, CESAR, and a Jewish prostitute, Raquel, ultimately bring the Zvi Migdal to trial.

For more information, visit the official website of Bordello The Musical.

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